Annual Meeting 2016

HCFA-WA Direct Actions, Winter 2016

Zoom Care protest
Zoom Care rally Seattle
HCFA-WA is committed to working with our natural allies in a broad-based movement for social justice, including state-based universal healthcare coverage. We are protesting the arrival of for-profit ZoomCare in our state, which turns away Medicaid and Medicare patients, treating the young and near-healthy. Join us for the May Day/Immigrant Rights March as we continue this year connecting with others in our state. Find us at

One Payer States conference, Chicago, Fall 2015

Chicago Rally
The 2015 Single-Payer Strategy Conference was sponsored by Healthcare-NOW, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, and OPS (One Payer States, our nationwide network of state-based campaigns). PNHP held their annual meeting at the same time. We are all working for Improved and Expanded Medicare for All, aka a Single-Payer Plan.

HCFA-WA and Health Care for All Oregon members attended with 300 others from around the country. Besides numerous workshops, OPS and PNHP joined forces for this rally outside the Chicago Blue Cross/Blue Shield offices. For more on multi-state efforts