Washington Legislators Survey

Health Care for All-Washington is a non-profit organization working to achieve affordable, quality, publicly funded, privately delivered, comprehensive healthcare for all Washington State residents. We are now represented statewide, at different levels, by hardworking, dedicated, passionate volunteers who believe deeply in the values our organization represents. These community leaders are ready and willing to work hard to get universal healthcare coverage passed in our state.

Our goal is to gain bipartisan support of our bill establishing the Washington Health Security Trust. It is time for our country to offer universal coverage, as does every other developed nation worldwide. Multiple studies show that we can do so while providing it at lower cost and with better results than our current healthcare system-which is the leading cause for personal bankruptcy in the U.S.

We are participating with several organizations within our state and others in the One Payer States network to achieve universal health care, both at the state level and ultimately nationwide.

The survey is four questions.

Question 1: What experiences have you or your family or friends had involving our healthcare system, and how will those experiences lead you to advocate for changes in our healthcare system?