Board of Directors



Marcia Stedman is President of HCFA-WA. She has been a Board member since 2013 and is active organizing in the 1st LD. She can be reached at


Kelly Powers is Vice President of HCFA-WA and has been a universal health care advocate from the 36th LD since 2008. She can be reached at


Jeannie Ernst is active organizing in the 34th LD and is co-chair of the Outreach Committee. She also serves as editor of the monthly electronic HCFA-WA e.Bulletin. She can be reached at

hcfawa-dana-iorio.jpgDana Iorio is Treasurer of HCFA-WA and is active in the 36th LD. He can be reached at


hcfawa-ruth-knagenhjelm.jpgRuth Knagenhjelm is co-chair of the Outreach Committee and is active organizing in South King County. She can be reached at and at

hcfawa-chuck-richards.jpgChuck Richards has been active since 2006, president from 2011-2016, and is organizing supporters in the 36th LD.


Ronnie.jpgRonnie Shure is the chair of the Legislative Committee and is active organizing in the 43rd LD. He can be reached at

hcfawa-hal-stockbridge.jpgHal Stockbridge serves on the WHST Revision Committee, is active in the South Sound area. He can be reached at


hcfawa-sherry-weinberg.jpgSherry Weinberg is editor of our quarterly HCFA-WA Newsletter, and serves on the WHST Revision Committee. She is also President of Physicians for a National Health Program’s Western Washington chapter. She can be reached at

Kim AbbeyKim Abbey is Board Secretary of HCFA-WA. She has been a Board member since 2016 and is active in the 22nd LD, Olympia, and the SW Washington legislative districts. She can be reached at

hcfawa-peter-lucas.jpgPeter Lucas has been a Board member since 2016 and serves on the fundraising committee. He can be reached at


hcfawa-martha-koester.jpgMartha Koester is a board member and active organizing in the 34th LD. She serves as copy editor of the HCFA-WA Newsletter. She can be reached at


Consultants Team


hcfawa-bevin-mcleod.jpgBevin McLeod is Program Director of HCFA-WA. She comes to us from a diverse background of non-profit management, agricultural and economic development work, advocacy, and campaign management. Passionate about equity, equality, and human rights issues, she is active in the 36th LD and can be reached at She looks forward to hearing from each member their ideas and plans on direct action within our districts statewide.

syd.jpgSydnie Jones is HCFA-WA’s communications intern and webmaster. She has a background in sports and advocacy writing. After studying English at the University of New Orleans, she ultimately graduated with a BFA from the Art Institute of Seattle. Since graduation, advocacy writing has been a constant for her, and interning for HCFA-WA marks her first foray into non-profit work. She can be reached at

Fred Koch is our Data Manager who maintains members’ records, and who greets our members and supporters at each Annual Meeting at our registration table. He can be reached at


Field Directors

JessaLewis_DCedit.jpgJessa Lewis is our Eastern Washington Field Director. Her experience spans policy, environmental education, tribal issues, energy security, stakeholder engagement, communications and marketing. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University and a BA from The Evergreen State College. She can be reached at


Carmen Méndez is our Central Washington Field Director and serves as Yakima Deputy Mayor. She is also a City Councilmember. Carmen was born in Yakima and raised in Colima, Mexico. After returning to Yakima, she attended the University of Washington and Heritage University where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.

Her experience includes serving as Student Government Association President, outreach to rural communities through agricultural development and environmental sustainability projects, mentoring through the College Assistant Migrant Program, and as the Executive Director for Safe Yakima Valley - working to strengthen the community while making it safer for families. She was one of the first ever Latina women to be elected to the City Council in Yakima, and has served there since 2016. She can be reached at


Dale Porter is our Field Director for Southwest Washington. Dale is a Tacoma native and a first generation college graduate with duel BA degrees from University of Washington. He is currently a part-time student studying legislative policy, constitutional law, and election law at the UW School of Law, and has experience in the field on multiple local campaigns. He is determined, dedicated, and ready to win the battle for universal health care in Washington State. He can be reached at