Who We Are

Time and again we hear the stories of individuals and their families who are negatively affected by the overly expensive and lacking health coverage in our country.  From preventable deaths to bankruptcies, the stories paint the picture of a deeply unfair and systemically flawed system. There have been several name changes since 1990, when the original single-payer organization was formed in Washington State. Health Care for All-WA, 501(c)3, (c)4, like all of the previous versions of the  group, was founded on the principle that all residents – no matter their socioeconomic standing – should have access to affordable, quality, publicly-funded, and comprehensive healthcare. We have grown to be represented statewide, at different levels, by hardworking, dedicated, passionate volunteers who believe deeply in the values our organization represents, and who are community leaders ready and willing to work hard to get single-payer passed in our state.

Current Affairs

Since 2013, our bill (the Washington Health Security Trust, or WHST) in the State Legislature – both in the House and Senate – has increased in popularity. Our statewide membership has grown significantly, and our working relationships with organizations such as PNHP, PSARA, and Whole Washington have multiplied. Most recently, our contribution levels reached a point where we were able to hire a program director in order to facilitate and incubate our upward momentum and growth.

Our Current Plans & Needs

We are confident that there finally exists the momentum and commitment to change our healthcare system to something that works for all Washington residents, and we intend to harness that energy to grow our efforts. We are currently working to establish measureable growth in three areas: private, legislative, and grassroots.

Private Sector

We are currently working with groups such as The Mainstreet Alliance to develop/conduct surveys of small businesses, as well as to establish relationships with business owners and advocacy groups.


Through education and lobbying efforts, HCFA-WA’s Legislative Committee is developing new strategic relationships with state representatives on the healthcare committees in the House and Senate, as well as solidifying existing relationships. Our goal is to gain bipartisan support of our bill.


Continue our outreach efforts through education, advocacy, coalition building, and field organizing. We are working to develop relationships with organizations such as the WA Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Democracy for America, and various labor organizations in order to bolster our field efforts and build the movement.

In order to reach our goals, and ultimately attain single-payer in WA State, we need the support of the community. With your support we can:

  • Hire field organizers
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Develop educational materials for volunteer training sessions
  • Produce surveys and apply the data to legislative efforts
  • Establish voter outreach and education programs

 … and much, much more! Thank you for your support!