Sunday September 9, 2019

The funding authorization for community health centers expires September 30. We have three quick, easy actions you can do to help ensure continued funding.

According to the Washington Association of Community Health, community & migrant health centers in Washington serve more than 1.1 million residents at over 300 clinic sites, offering primary, preventive & supportive health services.

Don't Let Funding for CHCs Expire. We strongly urge our friends in Congress to support a long-term re-authorization of the Community Health Centers (CHCs) Fund before the funding authorization expires on September 30.

TAKE ACTION by Monday, September 30

Please take a few minutes to do any or all of the following quick actions today. We want to keep the pressure on your Members of Congress!

Thank them for their efforts to date. Ask them to take action as soon as possible to extend health center mandatory funding before the September 30th deadline -- as much funding as possible (room for growth) for as long as possible (stability).

1. Email Your MOCs

2. Tweet Your Senator

3. Tweet Your Representative

More info about CHCs:

CHCs Are Critical for Universal Health Care. The CHCs are the largest and most successful primary care system in the US. located in all 50 states and territories. They must be a key part of any universal health care system.

Washingtonians Count on CHCs. In Washington State, Community Health Centers serve over 1.1 million patients annually. CHCs are community-based, nonprofit health care providers that serve individuals and families in medically underserved areas or medically underserved populations. They welcome everyone who walks through the door, regardless of ability to pay, and are governed by patient-majority boards. Additionally, they provide a host of services beyond what you'd expect to find in a traditional doctor's office, including language and transportation assistance, referrals to food and housing assistance programs, and family case management.

For even more info, check out the page for this Action Alert, and Dr. Richard Kovar's blog post on CHCs.


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