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Are Any of Your Legislators Healthcare Committee Members?

January 11, 2019

The very first hurdle for our new bills will be passing them out of their respective Healthcare Committees. It is imperative to convince these legislators to support our bills and amendments. If you are a committee member's constituent, your contacts with your legislator are...

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Health Care Champions Energize the Fight for Single Payer in Washington

December 10, 2018

Thanks to Washington voters, there will be a lot of pressure on the state legislature to deliver a path to single payer universal health care in the 2019 Legislative Session. Here's what happened in the historic, high turnout  2018 Midterm Election:

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HCFA-WA 2018 Voter's Guide: What You Can Do Now

August 10, 2018

OK, So You've Voted. Now What? Voting is the first step. Now we have to demand that the politicians represent the will of the people. Candidates are never more attentive to their constituents than when they're out hunting for votes. So let's take advantage of their...

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Health Care is the Real Issue in the 2018 Elections!

July 19, 2018

Every candidate is talking about universal health care this year. The 2019-20 sessions of our state legislature will be voting on a revised version of our bill for the Washington Health Security Trust (the WHST), so let's talk to every candidate for state office...

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