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Latest Press on the Pathway Bill

April 17, 2019

To get you fired up about what's happening in Olympia, we are sharing the latest press on the Pathway bill. From now until April 28th "will define our state’s health care destiny for a generation to come, and we can’t afford to miss this...

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Let’s Take Health Care Off the Bargaining Table

March 21, 2019

Unions do not serve their members well by trying to circle the wagons around an unsustainable model of employment-based health care. That is why the AFL-CIO, the Washington State Labor Council, and dozens of unions have called for a social insurance model like Medicare...

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North Seattle Progressives Universal Health Care Panel

March 08, 2019

At the March 3, 2019 North Seattle Progressives universal health care panel, 50 attendees heard Marcia Stedman of Health Care for All-Washington (HCFA-WA) and Health Care is a Human Right-Washington (HCHR-WA), Kathleen Randall of Physicians for a National Health Program - Western Washington (PNHP-WW), and...

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