June 2020 ebulletin

June Salutations! It seems that each month in 2020 has brought breathtaking, disorienting changes. What’s next, we might wonder. We adapt to new realities, work toward creating new and better “normals” while managing the challenges of the moment. May we reach into ourselves and out to others to build even greater momentum for health care for all, and for justice for all.

In this edition we take a look at the interconnectedness of health and socioeconomic inequities, and the necessity of universal health care in removing health inequities. There’s an update on the Universal Health Care Work Group with a request for public comments on the next meeting June 24, and we offer background and an opportunity to take action on The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, an important federal bill that can achieve universal coverage during the COVID pandemic. Find out how you can support it.

News and Commentary and events follow.

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May 2020 e.Bulletin

In this e.Bulletin: Support the HCEGA to Stop The Vicious Cycle of Inequity; giveBIG success; remembering Roger Fulton

Salutations to our readers, donors, volunteers, supporters and the curious!  We are glad you’re here!  Here’s what this month’s e-bulletin has in store:

  • ★ Health inequity is part of a larger cycle of entrenched socioeconomic inequality affecting people of color and marginalized groups.  COVID-19 deepens these inequities. Universal Health Care can help to break the cycle.
  • ★ We support the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act in the Other Washington. You can too!
  • ★ The GiveBig campaign lived up to its name. You gave Big! Thank you! 
  • ★ A Remembrance of Roger Fulton
  • ★ Health News and Commentary
  • ★ Upcoming Events
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April 2020 e.Bulletin

In this month’s edition:

HCFA-WA President Marcia Stedman discusses why, with so many other pressing needs, should we continue to work toward equity in health care, and why at the state level? 

COVID-19 magnifies the problems with our rickety health system.  A myriad of responses, from removing cost sharing for testing, to scrambling to keep newly unemployed people from losing health coverage show how comprehensive healthcare reform is needed now.

It’s time for the Give Big Campaign!  HCFA- WA is on a roll! Help keep us rolling on to better healthcare for Washingtonians!

We’ve Got New and Events, too!

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February 2020 e.Bulletin

A Cascade of Legislative Successes, We're In the News!, UHC Work Group Update, and more!

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January 2020 e.Bulletin

In this e.Bulletin: Important legislation needs your insulin affordability story, upcoming Blitz meetings - online! And more!

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December 2019 e.Bulletin

In this e.Bulletin: 2020 Legislative Preview, Universal Health Care Work Group, Meeting 2, and more.

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November 2019 e.Bulletin

Big news in this eBulletin: Rep. Ro Khanna Introduces HR 5010, The State-Based Universal Health Care Act!

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October 2019 eBulletin

In this eBulletin: Panel on Overcoming Hurdles to UHC in WA State, M4A and the GM Strike, Clinic Closure in Rural Fairfield & more!

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September 2019 eBulletin

In this eBulletin: First Work Group Convenes Sept. 20, Lowdown on ACA Premium Increases, Medicare for All Q & A eBook, & more!

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July/August 2019 e.Bulletin

A Tale of Two Claims Systems, HCFA-WA 2020 Strategy, Top Takeaways from Single-Paper Reports and more in this e.Bulletin!

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