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Governor signs SB 6087 into law and HCFA-WA is celebrating!

The bill passed the Legislature with strong bi-partisan support. Now that it is law, Washington's nearly 800,000 Diabetes patients will soon see relief from sky-rocketing insulin prices. Please join us in thanking Gov. Inslee for signing this important legislation into law!

Based on a proposal developed by HCFA-WA members, this is an example of government putting a price cap on private insurance companies, which encourages insurance companies to negotiate prices with Pharma. Read more about this bill and other important legislation here.

This legislation is also an example of the kind of research and advocacy work that Health Care for All-Washington does year in and year out. It is a significant win and builds upon the success we had last year on our path to universal health care.

Our agenda is aggressive, and we ask for your urgent support as​ we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis to ensure everyone has access to care.

Your contribution, either one-time or a recurring monthly donation, ​will allow us to do so much more.

Thank you for your support!

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