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Read this Resolution! 

"Medicare for All Would Save Billions" Prof. Friedman, U. Mass– Amhrst here

New Updated HCFAWA Trifold Brochure: (inner) here and (outer) here

MEDISCARE! Will Medicare as we know it end in 2014? Will some on Medicare now be forced to apply for Medicaid? Read WA Post Article here

NEW Highlights of 3 March 12 PNHP-WW Annual Meeting (20 Minutes) here

 T.R. Reid documentary U.S. Health Care: The Good News here

View The Health Care Movie trailer, locally produced, here

View the latest video from the Campaign for Healthy California here

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell explains why single payer would insure all Americans Feb. 2012 here

Read about the OSPC, Oregon Single Payer Campaign, Feb. 2012 

News report about OSPC

Don McCanne MD's blog (Updated Daily)

 Phil Caper MD's Daily News Clips 

State-based Single Payer

Updates on State Efforts

What is happening in Vermont? [web page link]

Compare ACA with Single Payer –New Minnesota PDF March 2012 here

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How can I get Health Insurance?

California OneCare: Full Care, For All, For Less

Universal Healthcare Message from Canada

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