Board of Directors



Marcia Stedman is President of HCFA-WA. She has been a Board member since 2013 and is active organizing in the 1st LD. She can be reached at


Kelly Powers is Vice President of HCFA-WA and has been a universal health care advocate from the 36th LD since 2008. She can be reached at

Erica Nealious-Grall is the new Volunteer Coordinator for HCFA-WA and is also an administrator for a non-profit child care and preschool in Snohomish County.

Erica has worked in the child care field for over 15 years, starting out as a toddler teacher and working her way to Director. She focuses on building up the community strength of families and employees who are a part of her school, as well as administrative duties. Erica enjoys spending her free time being outdoors with her husband and young son, reading, and exploring new styles of cooking. She is looking forward to helping single payer health care becoming a reality for Washington. She can be reached at

hcfawa-dana-iorio.jpgDana Iorio is Treasurer of HCFA-WA and is active in the 36th LD. He can be reached at


Ronnie.jpgRonnie Shure is the chair of the Legislative Committee and is active organizing in the 43rd LD. He can be reached at

hcfawa-hal-stockbridge.jpgHal Stockbridge serves on the WHST Revision Committee, is active in the South Sound area. 


hcfawa-sherry-weinberg.jpgSherry Weinberg is editor of our quarterly HCFA-WA Newsletter, and serves on the WHST Revision Committee. She is also President of Physicians for a National Health Program’s Western Washington chapter. 

hcfawa-peter-lucas.jpgPeter Lucas has been a Board member since 2016 and serves on the fundraising committee. He can be reached at



Consultants Team

syd.jpgSydnie Jones is HCFA-WA’s communications specialist and webmaster. She has a background in sports and advocacy writing. After studying English at the University of New Orleans, she ultimately graduated with a BFA from the Art Institute of Seattle. Advocacy writing has been a constant for her since graduation and working for HCFA-WA marks her first foray into non-profit work. She can be reached at

Cindi Laws joined Health Care for All Washington as our lobbyist in 2019, and succeeded in securing five amendments strengthening the Pathway to Universal Health Care bill, and ultimately passed it as a Budget Proviso. She also worked successfully on the Cascade Care bill, and is drafting legislation for the 2020 session that continues the expansion of health coverage for Washington residents. She is a longtime policy wonk and previously served as Executive Director of Health Care 2000, the predecessor to HCFA-WA. She can be reached at