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North Seattle Progressives Universal Health Care Panel

At the March 3, 2019 North Seattle Progressives universal health care panel, 50 attendees heard Marcia Stedman of Health Care for All-Washington (HCFA-WA) and Health Care is a Human Right-Washington (HCHR-WA), Kathleen Randall of Physicians for a National Health Program - Western Washington (PNHP-WW), and Georgia Davenport of Whole Washington speak on comprehensive healthcare reform. Attendees represented a collaboration among supporters and members of four organizations: PNHP-WW, HCFA-WA, HCHR-WA, and Whole Washington. Also celebrated was the North Seattle Progressives' decision to join the Health Care is a Human Right-Washington Campaign.

Panelist Kathleen Randall outlined Rep. Pramila Jayapal's National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) Act.

Georgia Davenport presented the National Nurses United Barnstorming event, seeking leaders for the First Congressional District canvassing effort to secure Rep. Suzan del Bene's co-sponsorship of Rep. Jayapal's NIMA Act.

Marcia Stedman spoke on the progress of Washington state's Pathway to Universal Health Care bill SB 5822, and opportunities for action right now.

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