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Ahmed Abdi, Program Director Bevin McLeod, HCFA-WA President Marcia Stedman, and Mohamed Sheik Hassan at our January Rally
Ahmed Abdi, Bevin McLeod, Marcia Stedman, and Mohamed Sheik Hassan at our rally in January.


  • 100% acrylic
  • 9"x72"+ fringe
  • Navy, yellow, and white
  • Hand wash warm, dry flat

Our new scarves are made in the USA by a union shop with the HCFA-WA logo at each end and read 'EVERYBODY IN, NOBODY OUT.' We got the chance to test these at our rally, hearing and lobby day in January - they kept us warm all day!

Central WA regional director Carmen Mendez, communications lead Sydnie Jones, program director Bevin McLeod, and Eastern WA regional director Jessa Lewis.

HCFA-WA president Marcia Stedman, Bevin McLeod, Sydnie Jones, and Vice President Kelly Powers in our new office space!

Thank you for supporting HCFA-WA!

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