Scarf & Umbrella Combo

A recurring donation of $15 gets you an umbrella and a scarf.


Communcations lead Sydnie Jones, program director Bevin McLeod, and regional directors Dale Porter, Jessa Lewis, and Carmen Mendez in Roslyn.

Union-made Umbrella

  • Navy blue and yellow
  • 35"L, 40" diameter when open
  • Union-made

    The deep blue of our new umbrellas is truly striking. One panel reads 'EVERYBODY IN, NOBODY OUT.' in our signature yellow. Another panel has our logo in the same yellow. 


Ahmed Abdi, Program Director Bevin McLeod, HCFA-WA President Marcia Stedman, and Mohamed Sheik Hassan at our January Rally
Ahmed Abdi, Bevin McLeod, Marcia Stedman, and Mohamed Sheik Hassan at our rally in January.

Central WA regional director Carmen Mendez, communications lead Sydnie Jones, Bevin McLeod, and Eastern WA regional director Jessa Lewis.

Union-made scarf

  • 100% acrylic
  • 9"x72"+ fringe
  • Navy, yellow, and white
  • Hand wash warm; dry flat

Our new scarves are made in the USA by a union shop with the HCFA-WA logo at each end and read 'EVERYBODY IN, NOBODY OUT.' We got the chance to test these at our rally, hearing and lobby day in January - they kept us warm all day!


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