Schedule a Speaker - we travel statewide.

Interested in learning more about single payer and our bills? Let us come to you. We have Regional Directors throughout the state and are happy to set up a meeting and presentation to you and your friends and family, your business, your organization - anyone!

Please include your town or zip code in your request and we will be in touch soon. Thank you for your interest!

    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2019-09-19 17:16:55 -0700
    We are located on the Skokomish Reservation in Mason County Washington. We are interested learning more about Medicare for All and would

    like to our community to learn more it. We would like to schedule a speaker so our community can learn more about Medicare for All.
    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2019-03-02 10:46:44 -0800
    Donna in Bellingham is inviting anyone near to join for a Barnstorming event for Medicare4All on March 12, 3333Squalicum Pkwy. Health Education Center. 6:30-8.
    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2019-02-19 09:00:42 -0800
    I live in the Redmond, WA area. I would like to learn more about the proposed plan details. If you are planning to have a meeting in Redmond, I would like to attend, and if not, is there someone that I can meet with to provide information that is focused on making the proposed plan more affordable?
    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2018-10-05 19:09:29 -0700
    I’m in Renton. We need universal healthcare in our country. I want to understand what your proposal is about to see if it’s something I can get behind and become a volunteer.
    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2018-09-28 09:34:32 -0700
    I live on Orcs island. Eastsound 98245. At this time of unstable medical providers on Orcas I think it would be a great time to make citizens aware of this movement. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Michael.
    commented on Schedule a Speaker 2018-09-19 07:02:56 -0700
    Greetings from Eastsound on Orcas Island. I have followed Senator Sanders work for Healthcare for all. I have been following your work recently. I would like for our community to learn about your work and what it could mean to all Washington residents.