2nd Wednesday Speaker Series

December: Meet the Universal Health Care Commission!

Health Care for All - WA invites you to “Meet the Universal Health Care Commission." Join us December 8th for HCFA-WA’s 2nd Wednesday Speaker Series as we invite several members to join in a discussion on what we - and they - can expect from the UHCC.  We’ll hear their personal connections to healthcare, their own understanding of the Commission’s purpose and much more. RSVP here!

October: How Washington state can fix our Mental Health Crisis

Katherine Seibel, MSSW, from the Washington state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness reviews the victories for behavioral health care in the 2021 Legislative Session and address the priorities for next year. 

September: Lowering Prescription Drug Prices in Washington State

Panel includes Donna Sullivan, the Chief Pharmacy Officer of the Health Care Authority, Jenny Arnold, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer of the Washington State Pharmacy Association, and Janel Jorgenson from the Department of Health’s Office of Immunization.

August: Tribal Sovereignty and Indian Health Care

Vicki Lowe, Executive Director of the American Indian Health Commission of Washington State, presents a fascinating overview of the history of American Indian Tribes and their relationship to the U.S. government from first contact to today, and the impact this has had on the delivery of healthcare to American Indian communities.

June: Health Care Victories in the 2021 Legislative Session

Senator Emily Randall (LD 26), Representative Nicole Macri (LD 43), Senator Karen Keiser (LD 33) and Senator David Frockt (LD 46) join Health Care for All - WA’s One Hour Zoom Meeting sharing their “Health Care Victories in the 2021 Legislative Session”

Viewing Guide:
0:00 Welcome
02:52 Senator Emily Randall (LD 26)
09:27 Senator Karen Keiser (LD 33)
16:20 Senator David Frockt (LD 46)
27:08 Representative Nicole Macri (LD 43)
46:00 Q & A
55:16 Future plans


May: How Racism Creates Health Inequities

Our One Hour Zoom Meeting of May 12th brought in three public health leaders to discuss the data and disparities that contribute to race-class health inequities:

Bob Lutz, MD, MPH, medical advisor for COVID-19 medical response for the Washington Department of Health;

Heleen Dewey, health equity specialist with the SRHD, focuses on racial equity for better health outcomes;

Amber Lenhart, MPH, worked with the Health Impact Project, and served as the SRHD health policy specialist.


April: The Great American Healthcare Scam: How Kickbacks, Collusion and Propaganda have Exploded Healthcare Costs in the U.S.

HCFA-WA welcomed Dr. David Belk on our April 14 Zoom meeting. Dr. Belk is the author of “The Great American Healthcare Scam: How Kickbacks, Collusion and Propaganda have Exploded Healthcare Costs in the U.S.” 


March: Legislative Update

Members of the HCFA-WA Policy Committee present mid-Session updates on important health care legislation in the 2021 Session, including bills creating the Universal Health Care Commission, improving the 'Cascade Care' plans sold on the Exchange, authorizing collaboration with other states and entities in generic prescription drug and insulin purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution, improving maternal health outcomes, and creating Health Equity Zones.

Elaine Cox, OTR, MPP
Consuelo Echeverria - MPH
Ronnie Shure, Pharm BS
Marcia Stedman, President, Health Care for All-Washington
Ash Sasidharan, BS in Computer Science and Engineering
Sherry Weinberg, MD

February: Universal Health Care Work Group Findings

The Health Care for All-Washington February 10 one-hour Work Group Findings, featuring two members of the Universal Health Care Work Group, Denny Dellwo, former chair of the Washington State House Health Care Committee and Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN, and president of the Washington State Nurses Association, along with updates from Ronnie Shure, PharmBS and HCFA-WA Vice President, and Sherry Weinberg, M.D. and president of the HCFA Education Fund. Discussions included the findings and how we want the legislature to use the findings to expedite publicly funded universal health coverage in Washington. Q and A followed.



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