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  • Susan Oldenkamp
    commented 2018-09-17 07:12:37 -0700
  • Mary Ann Maxson
    commented 2018-07-12 10:39:14 -0700
    I lived all over the USA and in foreign countries. My husband was military, and we had free health care. Two of the foreign countries had free heath care – Germany and Norway. What a shock when I returned to the USA as a widow and ordinary citizen, and witnessed so many people unable to function due to lack of health care. The USA is so far behind. There is no reason to continue this way. Some say that Norwegians are less inovative because of the care they receive. Wrong!!! They are freed up to be more creative . The lack of health care for US citizens bothers me every day of my life.
  • Paul Binneboese
    commented 2018-01-15 15:19:00 -0800
    I am a manager in the software/tech industry, currently unemployed. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been laid off 4 times, and each time I’ve suffered from our nation’s fragmented approach to healthcare: immediate loss of coverage, pre-existing condition exclusions, and COBRA benefits either unavailable or too expensive. I have used up most of my retirement savings just to keep afloat. At least with Obamacare for the past 2 years, I have found guaranteed coverage at an affordable price for myself and for my wife. Now, the present administration and Congress have entirely abandoned their duty “to provide for the general welfare of their citizenry” (see Article 1 of the US Constitution). I, and millions of others like me, will not be able to afford medical insurance without the Obamacare healthcare marketplace and the Medicaid expansion. Does this administration really want me to lose my home and savings in order to pay for medical care? Wouldn’t they rather have me contribute as a healthy, working taxpayer instead?

    This is why I urge the Washington State Senate & House to pass SB5701 and establish a statewide single-payer healthcare system. Because it’s not going to happen at the federal level. We need to keep our Washingtonians from falling through those many cracks in the healthcare payments industry. Insurance is not the solution, it’s part of the problem. Universal healthcare is the real solution to our current healthcare coverage crisis.

    It continually amazes me that people prefer our current insurance-based system which covers only part of their healthcare expenses, even though they could have a single-payer system which covers all of their healthcare expenses at a lower cost overall! I can see why so many other nations care enough about their citizens to have implemented single-payer systems. Again, if the US won’t do it, then I urge Washington State to take the lead with its own single-payer system, which will:

    1) cut out the expensive health-insurance middleman,

    2) reduce pharmaceutical charges,

    3) increase our choice of affordable doctors and care providers,

    4) lower our state’s healthcare expenses, and

    5) make healthcare available to all Washingtonians.

    Isn’t it about time we did the right – and smart thing? Let’s do this one.
  • Charleen Schuster
    commented 2018-01-06 16:36:30 -0800
  • Charleen Schuster
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-06 16:35:55 -0800
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  • Charleen Schuster
    commented 2018-01-06 16:34:54 -0800
    My mom died because of breast cancer in 2002, because she did not have the money to get help. Sure she was on Medicare but it doesn’t pay all and with the small amount of money my mother got from Social Security. She died with open breast sores when we found out about it. My husband died in 2005 after having two back surgeries and getting an infection in his spine after the last Surgery. When he could no longer work, we went on Cobra, and spent the next two years fighting to get Social Security Disability. They turned him down and we ended up having to get a lawyer and fight to get it. He had Social Security Disability for 3 months and then ended up dying. Same thing just happened to my brother-in-law in Oregon. He is type 1 diabetic, he is so bad that he could no longer work as a linemen. Of course he was turned down the first time he applied for Social Security disability and they have spent the last year fighting and getting a lawyer to get finally Social Security Disability. Even with Medicare, it is costing them a thousands every month for the pump he has to have and medicine. My neighbor behind me has cancer and has been on chemo for the past two years. They thought they had it but now its come back and now she is having to take a chemo pill that cost her over $18,000.00 a month. Even with Medicare and supplement it still does not cover the expense of this monthly pill. It is costing them over $13,000.00 a month and now they are trying to figure out how to get help!!! My neighbor 57 years old down the street from me has a heart condition that he needs a new heart. But because of the expense he will not be able to get one even if there was one available!!

    I worked for one of the best Nursing Homes in Washington State and it cost a patient over $15,000.00 a month. It get into a Nursing home you have to have the money then when you run out of money then you can apply for Medicaid. What is going to happen to all these people that will need Nursing homes help in the future!!

    Please take the Bill SB5701 up in the State House, the rules committee and help everyone in Washington get Medicare (Health Care for ) for all!!