Should the weather prove too extreme, there's a couple of quick, high impact actions you can do from home:

1. Email your testimony to the Committee Members

Email your written testimony directly to Senate committee members as well as to the Senate Committee Chair. Be sure to include the bill number and your position on the bill. Here's a list of emails for the legislators on the health care committees in the House and Senate.


2. Contact your legislators and let them know you support SB 5822:

- Call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000


- Email them by using this link to find them and email them directly.


Comment with your support - you can do so right on the bill's official WA legislature page by clicking on the 'Comment on this bill' button underneath the title block.

It's your support and passion fueling the movement's momentum, so thank you - we're making progress and our collective effort is what it will take to make this happen.

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