VICTORY: "The Pathway to Universal Health Care" Work Group

The Pathway to Universal Health Care bill sets the table for universal health care while we await Congressional passage of the State-Based Universal Health Care Act, hopefully as soon as 2021. Here's the lowdown on the bill:

  SSB 5822, is prime sponsored by Senator Emily Randall (26th LD)

HB 1877, the companion bill, is prime sponsored by Representative Nicole Macri (43rd LD)

• It establishes a Work Group within the Health Care Authority to make recommendations for publicly funded, privately delivered health care for all Washington state residents.

• It would, in the meantime, evaluate efforts to improve coverage and access while ensuring a just transition and exploring multi-state collaboration.

Read our recap of this legislation's journey.

Click here to view the Pathway budget proviso legislation (page 134, begins line 11)


Health Care Legislation - State Level

Official Positions on Health Care Bills from the 2019 Session

HB1104: The Washington Health Security Trust, HCFA-WA's bill


Health Care Legislation - National Level

State-Based Universal Health Care Act of 2018: Originally introduced by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, this bill would "...authorize the establishment of, and provide support for, State-based universal health care systems that provide comprehensive health benefits to State residents, and for other purposes."

VIDEO: Medicare for All Hearing in the House Rules Committee 
April 30, 2019
Includes activist Ady Barkan's powerful testimony

Video: Pathways to Universal Coverage Hearing in the House Ways & Means Committee
June 12, 2019

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