Health Care for All-Washington 

The 2022 HCFA-WA Annual Educational Conference and Meeting is December 3!
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Our mission: universal health care

The mission of Health Care for All-WA is to achieve high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly financed, and publicly and privately delivered health care for all Washington residents. 

What do we mean by universal health care?

Coverage designed and administered by the state 
Care delivered by private and public providers, clinics, and hospitals
Financed through a unified system
From cradle to grave, all Washingtonians covered by state, federal, or tribal programs

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How do we get there?
Through legislative advocacy.

We are effective.

2021-22 Legislative Session Information
2023 HCFA-WA Strategic Plan 

We build relationships with legislators and voters across the state and aisle.

Be part of the organization that is moving our state toward a healthier and more equitable future with universal health care.

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