Our Goal: Everybody In, Nobody Out

Mission statement: HCFA-WA is working for high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly financed, privately delivered health coverage for all Washington residents.

Time and again we hear the stories of individuals and their families who are negatively affected by the overly expensive and lacking health coverage in our country. From preventable deaths to bankruptcies, the stories paint the picture of a deeply unfair and intrinsically flawed system. With the vision and dedication of Health Care for All-WA on the principle that all residents – no matter their socioeconomic standing – should have access to affordable, quality, publicly-funded, and comprehensive health care, we are leading the state toward achieving single payer health care.

We have grown to be represented statewide, at different levels, by hardworking, dedicated, passionate volunteers who believe deeply in the values our organization represents, and who are community leaders ready and willing to work hard to get single-payer passed in our state. Learn more About Us.


2019-20 Session Bill Information

Latest Updates

Nov 09, 2019

Trump's Ghoulish Attacks on Medicare and Medicare for All

Pro-Corporation Rather Than Pro-Patient Republished from our friends at Health Care is a Human Right-WA plus a Section-by-Section Review Trump’s most recent Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare...

Sep 27, 2019

Takeaways from the First Universal Health Care Work Group Meeting

Health Equity, the Underinsured, and the Advantages of Single-Payer The inaugural Universal Health Care Work Group met last week and it was energizing to see so many medical, community, labor, and business allies from around the state on the committee...

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